The only "enlightenment" / "liberation" / "spiritual awakening" guide YOU will ever need. Short and straight to the point.

The world never really emerged, nor will it undergo dissolution.

There's really no one who's bound, no one seeking enlightenment, and no one who becomes enlightened.

This is the highest truth.

The paradox is that you are already what you are seeking. You don't need to endure years of meditation, fasting, chanting mantras, cleanses, and chakra openings to get a glimpse of what people call "enlightenment". Because it is already. The only thing preventing you to see it is ... you.

About this guide

The focus here is to remove the illusionary concepts ingrained in you since childhood. The message is rather direct and uncompromising, straight to the point but it's needed to get a glimpse of truth.

And the truth is really simple. You don't need to know a lot about this topic to "get it".

It's intended both for long-time seekers and someone who has read about "spiritual awakening" yesterday.

If you had previous experience with the concepts of non-duality, you can go straight to the Removing illusions section.

I hope your search ends here.

Basics - if you are not familiar with non-duality

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